Innovation For The Innovative Minds.

Innovation For The Innovative Minds

our features

Innovation For The Innovative Minds

Innovation For The Innovative Minds

Here at Chilo, we import Cars, and varoius products overseas on behalf of our customers

Innovation For The Innovative Minds

Here at Chilo, we sale only original brand new cellphones, as well as original used cellphones at reasonable prices that won't lead you into breaking the bank

Innovation For The Innovative Minds

Here at Chilo, we sale Computers at prices to suit your budget; who said you can't afford that laptop!

our work

Chilo is engaged in various Information, Communications and Technology work in Malawi which include but not limited to:
  1. Professional Web Design and Development
  2. App Development
  3. Web Hosting
  4. Domain Name Registration
  5. Imports of cars and other products for our customers
  6. Computers
  7. Computer Softwares
  8. Computer Hardware
  9. High and low end Cellphones
  10. Tablets
  11. We also supply Computers, and Mobile Phones in "Bulk" to companies, organisations, and governmental departments* [*Terms and Conditions Apply.]

Web Designing & Developing

Simply put, we will create you a professional looking website during this festive season from as low as MWK25,000* no strings attached! You can choose from our widely used responsive as well as non-responsive web templates for your personal, business, or co-operate website. You don't need a programming or coding know-how to place an order with us, simply let us know that you need one click here and we will do the heavy lifting for you. We will take you from the designing, through domain registration to hosting your website. We have both Paid and Free Hosting plans that you can choose from.

Domain Name Registration

Search for your prefered Domain name, if it is available we will let you know and you can register it immediately. There are a number of Domain names for you to choose from, like:
  1. .com
  2. .mw
  3. .co
  4. .org
  5. .net
  6. .tv
  7. .edu
  8. .business
  9. .ac
  10. .guru
  11. .news
  12. .business
  13. .uk
  14. .us
  15. .ru
You can also choose our free subdomains like; There are many more in store click here


Chilo offers you the world's most trusted shared hosting servers that won't let your business down. With our paid hosting plan, you are guranteed of maximum speed, 24/7 customer service, unlimited space, unlimited emails


I have been looking for better web services in Malawi for a long period of time, and finally Chilo has come to my company's rescue; Thank you Chilo, you are indeed a saviour. When you need to take your company to the world out there, Chilo is your answer, don't look anywhere.